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Benefits of Choosing Mountain Edge Alpacas

  At Mountain Edge Alpacas we specialize in two major areas of alpaca breeding. One is helping people get started and the other is supplying high quality breeding stock to experienced breeders.

  Not only do we have a fantastic selection of animals, but Mountain Edge is one of the few breeders that offers a complete selection of any animal from their entire herd. When we decided to go into the alpaca business, we visited farms all over the country. Many times we were shown beautiful alpacas, but when we asked if a specific animal was available for purchase, we were often told, "No, we can't sell that particular animal because he or she is part of our breeding program."

  Because of the many challenges we experienced in acquiring an initial herd, we decided that when we finally began selling our own alpacas, anyone who visited us could purchase any male or female on the premises. Therefore, when you visit Mountain Edge Alpacas, you can be assured of a complete selection of animals, not just a sales list.

  You might say, "Well, then, the Friedmans must raise the price of some of their alpacas to an astronomical amount." Not so! Our alpacas are priced very reasonably. In fact, the most expensive animal we have is a perfectly conformed jet-black female, who produces jet-black crias. She is currently priced at $25,000. Other animals are available for as little as $1,500. We pledge that anyone who visits our ranch will not be limited to a group of sale animals. In other words, a complete choice, all the time.

  We also offer extremely favorable package discounts and no interest financing for qualified buyers, and we also have a guaranteed cash payment program if you're concerned about the potential return on the alpacas you purchase from us.

  In addition to a complete selection, we offer each new purchaser of a female alpaca:

  Free delivery anywhere in the Continental U.S.

  A cria kit which includes the following (Everything you need to deliver your first cria):

  • Thermometer
  • Feeding tube
  • Feeding syringe
  • Hair dryer
  • Fleet enema
  • Stethoscope
  • Cria coat
  • Plastic sleeves
  • Lubricating gel
  • Vet wrap
  • Iodine
  • Carrying case

  A halter to fit each alpaca purchased.

  Your choice of textbooks, either The Alpaca Book by Eric Hoffman & Murray E. Fowler, DVM or Medicine and Surgery of South American Camelids by Murray E. Fowler, DVM.

  Our ranch manager, Mr. Mark Hoffman, is available for up to a week to stay with you at your facility to help you get started with your new alpacas. Mark can show you everything from cutting toenails to giving vaccinations. He will even give lessons on how to deliver your first cria. Naturally, there is no charge.


  Alpaca University.  Mountain Edge also offers a unique educational program for beginning breeders. Our "ALPACA UNIVERSITY" includes two full days of hands-on training at our ranch covering every aspect of the alpaca breeding business from health issues to advertising and marketing..

  Paid travel expenses. We will reimburse you for the cost of your travel expenses including coach airfare for up to two individuals or the cost of your automobile travel to State College, Pennsylvania and up to two nights lodging at a hotel located minutes from our ranch.

  A toll-free "Help Line" (1-877-63-ALPACAS) that you may call any time, day or night, twenty-four hours a day to ask questions on the care and breeding of your newly purchased alpacas. Each new buyer of a Mountain Edge alpaca receives the use of our toll free "Help Line" for as long as needed, guaranteed.

At Mountain Edge Alpacas, all the hay is grown on 40 acres directly below the thirteen pastures.
"We believe that an alpaca breeder should control the time of each hay cutting, as well
as all the fertilization and storage in order to ensure the strictest quality."


651 Bailey Lane
Boalsburg, PA 16827
Tel: 814 / 466-7352
Fax: 814 / 466-2825

Toll-Free: 877 / 63-ALPACAS

PO Box 10299
State College, PA 16805
Tel: 814 / 234-6004
Fax: 814 / 234-9093

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